Wedding photographer in Johannesburg North

Wedding Day Photographs

Wedding Day Photographs

Your wedding day has been planned for ages and a lot of effort has gone in to it so when it happens be sure that amazing meories that result are captured and saved on the day and forever.

Wedding Photography
Pre wedding shoot in Johannesburg

Pre Wedding Shoot

As an addded bit of amazing, why not have a private pre wedding shoot when the two fo you can spend the time together and enjoy the day together

Before the Wedding
Wedding Photograph prints

Wedding Photography Prints

While it is great to have digital copies, having prints to show and to frame are the best so let us print the fine quality for you in large and small prints which you can frame and use in your beautiful wedding album

Wedding Photo Prints
Wedding Videographer in Johannesburg

Wedding Video Jhb

Video is a great way to save the emotions of the day. Have our "music video" wedding video made for you to enjoy and share

Wedding Videographer
Small wedding photography booklets

Wedding Booklets

Let me create small digital and physical wedding booklets to share with all who are at the wedding and those unable to attend. A large collection is great to page through, a small booklet can be for sharing

Wedding photo booklet
Wedding photography

Wedding Photography

To sum it all up, your wedding meories are important so leave it with a trustworthy Johannesburg photographer. Looking forward to meeting you.

Wedding Photographer in Jhb

Wedding Photographer in Johannesburg

  • Ideas for wedding photography

    Great ideas for your wedding day photos

    The most important thing is make sure everyone you want included is included. providing a list of the most important people to photograph is a great way to ensure that nobody important is left out.While many group photos capture all those who attended, having individual photos can be amazing after the day to share with those people. Wedding photographers in Johannebsurg should always have this list to be sure that everyone is included.

    The wedding photography is the most important but having a pre-wedding photo shoot can add to the overall experience and can add great menories of just the two of you.Wedding photography in Johannesburg and around Gauteng should be a fun experience.

    Wedding photographs are great as digital files to share with friends and family but having prints can be great for framed pictures and it can be great fun years later to go through a physical album. Wedding photographs in Gauteng are too often kept on a computer and not shared at all. While there are many wedding photographers in Gauteng, having someone with a real eye for the best pictures and how to get the best angles to bring out the best in the photographs is so important. Having a photographer who has experience and a high level of skill is the way to go.

  • Why trust is so important with wedding photography

    The important thing to remeber is that a wedding photo day cannot be redone so having the right person, who you can trust, is very important. You need a photographer who will take great care to look after your pictures and to keep them safe during and after your wedding day. If you want reprints later on , the photo files stored with the photographer can also be a great help. Dosks and files also go missing so it great to know their is a high quality copy of your photographs stored away safely.

    Wedding photography in Johannesburg