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Wedding photography by a professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg.One of the great wedding photographers in Johannesburg.

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Your wedding day is very important and capturing those wonderful memories is my speciality.

With attention to detail and emphasis placed on your enjoyment of the experience,you can relax knowing you have the right wedding photographer. I look forward to providing you with high quality photographs of your wedding to help capture your special moments on your big day.

You will find that you can smile and experience the moment, knowing that your precious memories are being looked after with great care.

After all the organizing and coordinating that you have put into your wedding, you deserve the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing your beautiful moments are turning into lasting memories.

To see how others have experienced their happiest day take a look at the collection below.

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Wedding Photographer Johannesburg

Being based in the Johannesburg area, I focus mostly on Johannesburg and Pretoria but I do travel to other areas with some travel costs.

I will, free of charge, come out to see you in the greater Johannesburg area to discuss more detail and to chat about your wedding.

The subject for this page is Wedding Photographer Johannesburg and wedding photographers Johannesburg.If you would like to know more about wedding photographers in Johannesburg or to find a wedding photographer in Johannesburg please feel free to call 011 4627816 or email For top quality photography by a professional photographer in the Fourways area Johannesburg South Africa. - Wedding Photographer Johannesburg

What do you get with a cheap wedding photographer?

There are those who will argue that what you pay is what you get.Although this is mostly true, it has been quite surprising, the level of quality you can get from some affordable wedding photographers in Johannesburg.

It is important to note that not all cheap wedding photographers gauteng based and around South Africa, are the same when it comes to quality. There are different reasons for different wedding photography packages in johannesburg being at a lower price or simply more affordable. When a supermarket sells a product at a lower price than its competiton, does this mean that the product is inferior in some way? The thinking of a higher price equals higher quality, is not always that accurate.

Wedding photographer and videographer packages johannesburg can sometimes be at lower price because maybe the photographers are beginners.Many student offer cheaper prices. The price could also be lower simply because less is on offer.

Affordable photographers gauteng based can possibly be so because a less is on offer. There is nothing wrong with this. A customer or potential bride to be should always be able to chose what not only suites her style but also her budget. There seems to be the belief that though you may be cautious when buying a house or car, you would suddenly be ably to just say "no expense spared" when it comes to your wedding costs.

Although your wedding can feel like a fantasy, we still actually live in the real world where reducing costs can make the difference of where you honeymoon, what your house will be like once you are married and how long it will take you to to pay off your wedding.

Wedding photography packages gauteng should actually be a variety ranging from very affordable with some limitations all the way up to wildly extravagant with all the bells and whistles if the budget allows.

The idea also that one fits all does not work with weddings. One big problem that remains with photographers is perception. Because the bride to be does not really know one photographer from another, the perception can be that the more expensive photographers will be the better ones. This is really not that helpful.

The proof is in their photographs. How much experience can they prove? How informed do they seem? Are there any references from happy brides?

These factors can often matter way more than what the price is. Once you have established these things then the price no longer is an indicator of quality but rather a measure of choice to fit your budget.

Great Wedding Photographers

There is so much talk about what makes a great wedding photographer and more importantly, what makes a wedding photographer worth paying more for. The real difference is between a good photographer and a great wedding photographer compared to a bad wedding photographer. To move on to the discussion about wedding photographers in Johannesburg, which you might consider to be great photographers, we need to eliminate the bad photographers from the equation. To decide on photography quality, we need to accept that a bad photographer or inexperienced photographer is not a photographer at all in this discussion. The problem is that a photographer with no training or experience can make photographers look bad and in fact should not be included in the discussion because that would be like comparing a brain surgeon with someone wearing a stethoscope and holding a scalpel. Would that be a fair comparison? No.

So really we are talking about trained and experienced wedding photographers in Johannesburg.

A good photographer is then a photographer who provides top quality wedding photography with punctual service and prompt supply of completed photographs. A great wedding photographer in Johannesburg is someone who can provide photography which matches the bride and grooms desires and offers something special such as photography techniques that are beyond the average such as "drawing with light" or styles which enhance the photographs without being ridiculous. By ridiculous I mean extreme photographs that do nothing to please the couple like having extreme angles breaking all photography rules resulting in the bride being a tiny subject in an otherwise odd and unpleasing image .Different does not always mean excellent. The style should also be appropriate .A style used to show a depressing sad scene is not what should be used for a wedding which is a happy exciting day. It does not matter how precise and artistic the photography is if it is inappropriate.

So really a great wedding photographer in Johannesburg is a photographer who not only lives up to the couples expectations but will go beyond as far as enhancing the beauty of the photographs.

The photographs should be so good that a bride would like to brag about them not just show them.

Wedding photographer in Johannesburg
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To print or not to print.Professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg

It seems that there are many wedding photographers in Johannesburg these days who don't print any pictures but simply put all the wedding photographs onto a disc.It is very desirable to have digital copies of the pictures to put on social media but what do you put on your walls? Where are the framed pictures? Where is the photo album? The true professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg will not only give you a disk of photographs but beautiful prints as well.The truth is that the printed image is the final product.If there are not prints, there simply are no photographs. It is the high resolution and colour of a printed photograph that really bring out the quality of the image. The prints are also what are going to really last. 25 or 50 years from now the printed photographs will be what people love to look at. The digital copies can get deleted or lost.There are many uses for the digital copies but the printed images are where the real magic is.I have seen many a newly-wed who face lights up with joy from seeing the printed pictures.Not so much with looking at a computer screen. Photography is in the print. If you are looking for wedding photography in Johannesburg or are trying to decide between wedding photographers in Johannesburg then ask them if they print.

Professional wedding photographers in Johannesburg

There has been such a flurry of of new people claiming to be wedding photographers that it has become quite confusing to understand the difference between a professional photographer and a GWC (guy with camera). It has also become problematic for a bride-to-be to choose the right photographer for her wedding day.Choosing the photographer to suite your style can be difficult enough, the last thing you want is an untrained newbie.There is a saying amongst wedding photographers in Johannesburg and that is "You only get one shot". The reason is that wedding photography is the one type of photography where you cannot go back and redo it. With model shoots and many other types of photography, a redo is always an option.This is certainly not the case with wedding photographers.The professional wedding photographer knows what shots to get and makes sure he or she gets it. When it comes to your big day make sure you have hired a professional wedding photographer.If you are looking for a great wedding photographer at a reasonable price but not cheap then you should go to .There you will find one of the great wedding photographers in Johannesburg.For a great experience and top quality photographs use a Johannesburg wedding photographer who knows how to bring your wedding photographs to life at price to match.

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Should your photographer be the cheapest? It is fair to accept that most people are trying to find the best deals when it comes to their wedding. With the economy being the way it is, most people would love to save a buck here or there but the problem is that if you cut cost in the wrong places it can affect you in the long run. If the flowers are not perfect or the brides maids dresses are not designer master pieces then it wont really matter and quite honestly will be forgotten a week later or add to a cute story but when it comes to wedding photography and wedding videography, a cut back could really hurt when you feel like reliving the memories and find that your photographs and video are not so great.I do believe if you are going to go too cheap on these two then you may as well give a camera to a nice uncle and ask him to go crazy.There are just too many non photographers in the industry who are willing to do wedding photography for less than R3 000.A real photographer would know that it is impossible to maintain a real photography business at that rate.Quite honestly a photographer or videographer who charges less than R 5 000 is very likely someone who got a camera for his or her birthday and thinks its a great way to make some extra pocket money. The problem with these cheapies is that not only are they unlikely to have any proper training, they are also very likely to let you down as it is not an ongoing business for them but more likely a passing whim.Most affordable level professional wedding photographers in Johannesburg charge between R 5 500 and R10 000. Then the corporate industry professional wedding photographers charge R10 000 to R25 000. Beyond that is the "super league" award winning professional wedding photographers who charge up to R 85 000 for a wedding.

Truth be told, with all you are spending on a wedding, the only thing you have after the big day are the memories and the only way to relive them is through photography and video.So don't trust your most important day to an untrained chance taker who might either let you down or disappoint you when the pictures arrive.The question is where to find a professional at a good price and still get great wedding photographs. Very simple go to and find a true professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg.or call 011 4627816

Many people would assume that most wedding photographers in Johannesburg are the same when it comes to style. This is not surprising when so many wedding photographers list their style as creative and journalistic. Firstly if my wedding photographs looked like they were taken by a journalist I would be quite upset. Journalistic in my view is an excuse for point and shoot. This would imply that the pictures might be a little unpleasing but capture the moment like a war zone. Not quite what I want in my wedding pictures. As far as creative, Im not sure I want that either. Creativity is for art photography. If Im getting married, what I want is a wedding photographer who has an eye for details and can take beautiful pictures that are as pleasing to look at as a landscape or portrait image meant for viewing by the public. I have also discovered that there are number of bad photographers who hide behind their "style" as an excuse for bad photographs.

It is important to have your wedding photographs look like more than snap shots but having all of them done with a fish eye lens or blurry images and even common mistakes concerning backgrounds just does not cut it.

There a many so called wedding photographers in Johannesburg but when it comes to quality at a great price then you want to got

Art Photography

Many people describe photography as an art form and there are many who say it is not an art form at all. If you are in the arena of art photography then I guess it's pretty obvious that its art but what about business photography or wedding photography. Does that qualify as art? If you paint a portrait then it can be seen as art but if you photograph a portrait then would that still be art? There are many who would impose their art on a company or wedding photograph but does that make it art? Most people looking for a wedding photographer in Johannesburg or a corporate photographer in Johannesburg would not really be concerned whether its art or not, they simply want high quality or beautiful pictures. Art is the last thing to be concerned about in these cases. Photography for the sake of photography can easily become art because of the open scope and freedom to create whatever you want.This is not the case at all when brides or corporates want their photographs.If a corporation received art photographs for their corporate function, I believe they might have a fit. Art can be imposed more on wedding photography because of the desire for beautiful eye catching photographs. the question is then "What level of art?" Some wedding photographers in Johannesburg believe the artier the better and others believe only enough to make the photographs stand out and be pretty. The truth is that the photographs actually belong to the bride so what she wants is what she gets. If she is arty and creative, go wild, but if she wants a more conservative or less arty look then that should be taken into account. The photographs are for the bride and groom, not for a competition unless that was what was asked for.

Wedding photography is it an ism or is it ART?

Wedding photographers in Johannesburg are an interesting bunch. There are those who think of themselves are great artists and there are those who are more like photography technicians, but if you get the photographs you like then I guess what matters is what you think of them. Although wedding photography in Johannesburg is an art form it really is not in the same category as fine art photography. That is not to say that wedding photographers are not artistic, far from it. What it means is that a different perspective is required. I , many years ago , while doing a wedding shoot, was told by my then girlfriend (not a photographer) to stop imposing my art on other peoples pictures. At the time it seemed like a great injustice that a photographer wannabe was telling me how I should photograph people. Over time I have come to the realisation that she was in fact correct. There is so much emphasis placed on being artistic in photography that photographers and particularly Johannesburg wedding photographers sometimes miss the point that they are really a couples memories of their big day and not an excuse to try to win a photography competition. Most of the time an elegant classic wedding shot is way more appreciated than some mind blowing artistic shot. As a wedding photographer in Johannesburg myself, I know how tempting it can be. The truth is that wedding couples are not photography cynosures and most don't have the slightest interest in art photography. They want beautiful wedding photography to remember their day. The trick is for wedding photographers to use their knowledge in photography to create pleasing pictures for the couple. When this balance is achieved then beautiful wedding photography can begin.

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Beautiful wedding photography by a professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg.

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Johannesburg? Good searches are : best wedding photography , local wedding photographers , photography , photography studio johannesburg , questions to ask a wedding photographer , affordable wedding photographers in johannesburg , commercial photographers in johannesburg , best wedding photographer The most important thing to keep in mind is whether the wedding photographers style suites you and how you want to remember your most important day.

What makes up a wedding videographers packages?

Wedding photographers and videographers in Johannesburg often work hand in hand as a collaboration to bring together beautiful images both still and moving.As with wedding photography, wedding videography packages can vary according to the length of time offered as well as what products are available after the wedding day. In the case of both wedding photographers and videographers, the amount of people who are involved and the number of cameras can also impact on the price of the package. The one key difference between the two is the a videographer can operate multiple cameras whereas a photographer can operate only one. This however does not normally impact highly on the price depending on the wedding videographer Johannesburg based service. The use of an additional cameras in corporate videography often does carry an additional charge and dependent on the video production companies in johannesburg who offer the service, they may insist on an additional camera operator . Wedding videographers in Johannesburg normally supply package options which are very similar to wedding photographers in johannesburg and often the pricing for wedding photography and wedding videography is very similar if the services are provided by one videography company. If the photography is R 7 000 then chances are , although there are exceptions, the videography will also cost R 7 000 depending on the equivalent packages being offered. This mostly applies whether you are booking for your wedding in Gauteng or around South Africa. Topics covered: Wedding photographer and videographer packages Johannesburg wedding videographers Johannesburg wedding photographers Johannesburg wedding video wedding video South Africa video production companies in Gauteng Aerial photography PS In the future other aspects such as aerial photography South Africa and aerial videography companies involved in weddings will also impact on pricing on weddings. Topics covered are: best wedding photography in Johannesburg , best wedding photographer in Johannesburg , local wedding photographers in Johannesburg , photography in Johannesburg , photography studio in Johannesburg , questions to ask a wedding photographer in Johannesburg , affordable wedding photographers in Johannesburg , commercial photographers in Johannesburg , best wedding photography Johannesburg , best wedding photographer Johannesburg , local wedding photographers Johannesburg , photography Johannesburg , photography studio Johannesburg , questions to ask a wedding photographer Johannesburg , affordable wedding photographers Johannesburg , commercial photographers Johannesburg